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Re: Torrents not sending or receiving

Originally Posted by jabulon View Post
Looking at your torrent stats, our tracker has registered you as being firewalled. Reading this section might solve your issues: My port number is in red in the Peers List. What does this mean?

Yeah, I have been fighting with that section of the faq.

I am pretty sure the firewall has been turned off, but says otherwise.

I have run the portforward program from their website but that didn't seem to do anything.

I would think if it was the firewall it would be consistent, though.

And it also seems to affect other users (some listed as firewalled and some not) when they have tried to seed these torrents also to help out the same leechers i have and have been stonewalled.

Another note: I am using two different computers. I have tried the torrents on both of them.

I have to do work on the old slow XP computer (the portforward was unsuccessful on that one) so I moved everything to the new Win 7 computer.
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