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Re: Downloading Issue

Originally Posted by jabulon View Post
Jerseyguy1957 is right, demonoid's announce url as shown in the picture is correct (.me).

Same here, I have both options disabled because I use sites which use (mostly private) trackers. DHT (Distributed Hash Table) is an addition to most bittorrent clients that allows them to work without a tracker. This means that the client will be able to find peers even when the tracker is down or doesn't exist anymore.

What was the last 'working' version of uTorrent? Did you do some recent installs or upgrades prior to your problems with uTorrent? Instead of upgrading try downgrading to that last working version (FYI the first version of uTorrent that supported Windows 7 is version 1.8.5, so you could work your way up from there).
The last working version of Utorrent that I had was 1.8.1 It worked just fine. My oldest son had to reload everything into the computer after wiping it out due to some problem we couldn't figure out. He tells me that nothing was changed and that it was configured just as before.
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