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Re: Upload stats not being updated

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
Well, the tracker will discard data if you have more that ten shows open.
Yeah, that's happened to me before, but I learnt my lesson at the time.

But, don't forget that if you turn off your bt client or stop or pause for any reason, it will start in the thread as 0 uploaded again. We do not keep stats on individual torrents, only overall.
This BT client is running continuously, but it's the overall stats that aren't updating. I've been on 217.81 Gb of upload for days, even though I've been pumping out that Beach Boys torrent throughout the weekend.

Here's a question for you, although I'm 99% sure it's not a factor here.

If I have 10 torrents open and then start downloading an 11th, the stats on the 11th won't be registered. But what happens when I then stop one of the other 10 torrents? Do the stats on what was the 11th now register or do they remain in limbo?

It's possible that the Beach Boys torrent was my 11th for the minute or so that it took me to choose which one of the other 10 to shut down, but that still wouldn't explain why my stats aren't updating at all, i.e. not even for the dribs and drabs I'm uploading on the other 9.
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