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Icon4 Need help with seeding

Hello folks, for some reason I am having the most difficulty I have ever had with seeding this week. I should say I have done over 50 BT seeds from shows I have recorded, here or on

For some reason, I can't get my act together with a Switchfoot show from 2012-05-07.

First, I need to ask if the moderators on the Audio Torrent list can remove the previous seed posts I have tried to start.

Secondly, I made another error this morning linking the new seed to the old failed seed as a reseed and the tracker keeps pointing to that failed seed.

If we could start fresh, I can get this new Torrent file uploaded. I made the error of changing my text file AFTER I uploaded/seeded and that made the last one fail. I know better - been a rough week with a head cold and too much Sudafed and not enough sleep...

Your help and assistance in getting this going is much appreciated.

I think I can't go forward with another upload until we clear out all the old failed ones. Sorry for the hassle and I appreciate your help and feedback.

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