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Re: Interlaced or progressive scan when creating a dvd?

I'm just curious, sry in advance if this is a stupid question

I have woodstock 99 on VHS taped directly off of pay per view. I guess thats 1st gen?
I have this thing called vid box 4.0 made by honestech, and use nero 10 for capture, edit, chapter and so on
Would it be better for quality reasons to have settings set to interlacing since it's a pro shot VHS? So far i've use the "automatic" settings, only changing the audio to LPCM (sounded better on 2nd test burn) but the screen has tiny horozontal lines running through it. Mostly on white fast moving stuff. Could this be because the default "automatic" setting is progressive? Or because the honestech vid box 4.0 is just a cheesey VHS to DVD converter? perhaps both?
Thanks in advance for any input.
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