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problem uploading

hi i just posted a few Pink Floyd Shows. its been a little while since ive uploaded and im trying to make up for lost time. i have many floyd boots ready to post. i thought i did everything correct and the torrents are sitting in Utorrent at 100% ready to seed but they are not seeding. i downloaded other torrents earlier today and then re-uploaded no problem so it shouldnt be my internet connection. one other question, the torrent file was placed by Utorrent in the actual file directory, not the upload directory. i remember in the past it used to be placed in the upload directory (where all download and upload files are). Utorrent keeps updating so im not sure if this is something new or not. should it not have been there? should i move it to the upload directory as opposed to whre the file directory (where the flac and text is)? or do i have to re-upload? any ideas or help would be appreciated. thanks, Backyard Tyrone.
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