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Re: Flac fingerprints

Originally Posted by lintoni View Post
In addition to the thread jabulon linked to earlier, and spidergawds neat example, you could try etree-scripts.

Get it from this ppa:

When creating flac files, it will generate an ffp file, but I really only use it for the md5check command, which will check and verify any md5 or ffp checksums in a folder (it also checks all flac files for integrity).
Thanks for the link. I've seen the link to the Sourceforge page in the past, but that link was always broken so this is the first time I've been able to try out these scripts. The md5check command works fine for md5 files created with TLH and xACT, but I can't get it to work with files created with FastSum. It appears to be because FastSum uses upper case letters in the checksums while everything else uses lower case (I manually edited one checksum and that file checked ok).

You can bet that if someone takes the time to fix this bug in md5check the next frontend to come along would throw yet another spanner in the works. These tools are nice to have, but they're kinda like spellcheck (a poor substitute for learning what you're doing).

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