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Re: FLAC Frontend

Originally Posted by aaadbell
If you leave out the --with-filename "%f", you get the fingerprints without the filenames.
That should be leave out --with-filename. You need the "%f".

One way to compare a file with shntool output and a file with flac fingerprint output is to write a batch file that strips away everything but the fingerprint and then use the basic file comparison command to compare the two stripped files.

It's not hard to write a batch file that strips the filenames and other stuff out, if you assume you know what the output looks like, that is, flac fingerprints always have the form filename:checksum and shntool fingerprints always have the form checksum [shntool] filename.

It would be more elegant, though, to have a program that recognizes an md5 checksum and strips everything else on the line. And of course it would be nice to have all this in a GUI wrapper where you just indicate the two fingerprint files and say "compare them".
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