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Re: dat transfers

The software you use really isn't that important for the transfer process as long as you use a digital cable and the soundcard can support the audio resolutions the particular dat tapes were recorded at usually 16 bit / 48000 kHz at a maximum. The things you really want to take careful care with is the heads on the dat deck you use to playback during the transfer. Make sure you have a cleaner tape and run it periodically especially if the deck has been lying around for awhile. Nothing worse than running a tape and the transfer is littered with diginoise from a dirty head on the deck. The other important thing concerns the soundcard, make sure the buffer size is as large as possible. It is possible to get drop outs and other anomolies in the audio during the transfer if the machine is used for other things while transfering audio to digital. This will help minimize the possibility of that happening.
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