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dat transfers

I recently mustered up the energy and motivation to transfer a large collection of DATs to the computer (wav > flac). It's been many years since I have taped or even really messed around with audio hardware or software. I'm here to ask you all for help and advice on your personal thoughts/experience with the hardware/software setup and configuration options. Obviously since I am taking the time to tackle this project I'd like to do it right the 1st time (and hopefully only time). Any help, suggestions, tutorials etc would be greatly appreciated! As far as budget is concerned, I am not concerned with the cost of software or external hdds. Like I said, I want to do this right the 1st time. Thanks again!

The collection of DATs is a mixed batch of recordings from many different sources.

I am open to either pc or mac but would prefer mac platform if there isn't any quality differences/issues

DAT Hardware:
panasonic 3800
tascam da20
tascam dap1

Computer Hardware:
MacMini/Lion (optical in)
Macbook Pro/Lion (optical in)
Macbook/Lion (optical in)
XP PC (older HP) with both optical and digi coax in

both digi coax and optical available
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