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ShnFlacWav software program

This free tool aids in the conversion and testing of folders containing flac, shn, and wav files and the generation of md5, ffp, spec, and DigiFlawFinder files. The design allows for the easy conversion, testing, and processing of a single folder to a batch of all the folders on one or more hard drives.

There are other programs available from other sources which can be used to perform many of the same tasks, but they can require much more operator interaction and time. Still those programs will be adequate for most users' needs. Very heavy or advanced users though may benefit from using ShnFlacWav.

Potential users of this program are those who can take advantage of batch processing. For example, the batch processing automates the overnight testing of the folders on your storage media such as hard drives. That allows you to early detect media failures and create another backup from your backup before that also fails. Other users will appreciate the interaction with the MyChecksums and DigiFlawFinder programs. And those who store their collection in flac or shn format but listen or do analysis in wav format may find a productivity advantage using this program to perform that conversion to wav.

More information is in the help file:

and screen shots are at:
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