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Not showing up as a seeder (nor as a leecher)

I've just uploaded a new torrent and noted that I wasn't showing up as a seeder. I wasn't a leecher, either, so it wasn't that common beginner's problem.

I could tell I was actually seeding, though, because one user had already connected and was leeching from me.

I usually post on DIME, so I'd forgotten about the 10 seed maximum here. I checked my client and saw that I was now seeding 12 TTD torrents, so I paused the two most inactive and restarted the one I'd just uploaded.

Sure enough, I now showed up as a seeder in the list.

My question, then: How was I able to seed to the first user without being a registered seeder of the torrent? Is that because of DHT, by virtue of TTD torrents not being private?

If so, I have a follow-up question, but first thing's first. I want to grasp how that leecher was able to connect to me.
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