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Thumbs up Re: Analog transfer in 24 bit? It is needed and worth it!

I like to think of it this way: imagine you're trying to draw a curve, or a circle, but you can only use straight lines and 90 degree angles. To at least give the illusion at a distance of that round edge you'd want to use the smallest length lines and as many tiny angles as possible to make your drawing appear round.

We're drawing sine waves with staircases. Wouldn't you want to use smaller steps? Why settle for great pyramid sized blocks if you can have smaller steps? The more samples per second and bits per sample, the more likely it will fool us humans into thinking we're really listening to round waves rather than square waves.

Go with the higher sample rates for archiving analog recordings. You never know when the master will disappear or be damaged, and when the next audio format comes along, you'll be ready for it.

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