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Re: Analog transfer in 24 bit? Is it needed or worth it?

True, there are no "bits" or "sample rates" on analog recording. I may be mistaken, but I believe that the level of magnetization of the particles on the tape are analogous to the amplitude of the sound waves they represent, as opposed to being represented by truncated binary values in digital recordings. Due to the truncation it is therefore mathematically more accurate to do any digital editing in 24 bit even if the end result will be dithered to 16 bit. Downsampling may cause noticeable degradation, which is why I've often heard that it's best to record at the target sample rate of the end result, rather than downsampling later. It may be worthwhile to do a 44.1 kHz transfer for eventual CD burning and also do a transfer at a higher sample rate for higher quality target, but both would benefit from 24 bit capture.

Please feel free to bash my ignorance as required.
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