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Re: Analog transfer in 24 bit? Is it needed or worth it?

Posts moved since the torrent got pulled via request of the seeder and they were directly related to Analog > Digital captures.

As terry pointed out, 16/44 is a redbook cd standard the industry came up with when cd's came on the scene. My understanding of analog is, unlike digital, there are NO bit rates on the recording. So yes, it's pointless to upsample a DAT recorded 16/48 to 24/anything...however, if there is no bitrae limiting with analog, then it's all on the method of capture and settings.

I hear a tremendous difference between 24bit & 16bit analog captures of the same cassette tapes & reels. I believe the guys who did the work on the Dead Europe 71 box set, captured all the reels at 24 bit. I know for a fact that Duke University captured all 1700+ reels of Eugene Smith's archive in 24 bit.

I will defer to what my ears tell me VS what anyone on the intardnet says.
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