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Re: Phish 1990-02-17 Amherst, MA (NTSC)

Originally Posted by Unidecker View Post

you cant make it any better then the original recording and all you add is more noise and hiss to it. from the ground up..
Actually, it adds nothing. No hiss, no noise, no nothing. Its just silence...

Originally Posted by Unidecker View Post
all good here i don't up sample recordings andcall them masters in 24/48k when they were originally recorded on cassette at 16bits 44.1 khzs .
And 16/44 is a Redboook CD standard, not an analog standard.

Originally Posted by Unidecker View Post
that was my point and i will stick with it until MarMar realizes what the FACTS are.
Not to get in the middle... Re-recording a cass(m) to either 16/44 or 24/48 makes no real difference. Both will record all the audio information stored in the analog recording. I think re-recording a cass(m) to 24/48 is overkill, but that's my opinion. There are plenty of others out there that would argue differently...

I think Marmar's point is that there is a 48k Master file out there that can be used for the audio portion of the Video in question, but rather the 44k version was made into an AC3. You yourself have made the statement that AC3 should be avoided.

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