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Re: Phish 1990-02-17 Amherst, MA (NTSC)

Just to be clear for anyone who didn't pick up on it. I should state, or reiterate that Marmar did an analog to digital transfer of the master soundboard cassette in 2003. The 24bit 48khz files we are talking about were created by Marmar in 2003. At that time he did master and seed the circulating 16bit 44.1khz file set that make up the db.etree source for this show.

Also I am pretty sure there are many cassette transfers in circulation that were done by Marmar. I wouldn't want to "take that away from him".

I don't really want to bash or discourage anyone for that matter. I guess I just needed to clarify and also vent a little. I'm on to new projects and am not planning to dwell on this event. Though I can't deny my memory of this will be tainted.
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