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Lightbulb Re: Phish 1990-02-17 Amherst, MA (NTSC)

MarMar don't get me wrong but there is no 24/48k source Masters in 1990 ok so again you are WRONG. you are coming off as a douche to clinton for his hard work if you have the master video files and the supposed master audio files in 24/48 why don't you do something then and show us " what you have" or have not in this case...

Anyone can get files and claim to be the masters but as i know you ... you have never TAPED and actual show nor do you own a RIG to tape actual shows LIVE as we the tapers have done.

now me on the other hand have owned and run and seeded hundreds if not thousands of recordings i made with MY GEAR not that i downloaded and remuxed into 24/48 files and claim as masters.

i have owned nak cm100's nak cm300's with cp4 caps
akg 460/480 1000's
microtech gefell m300's
schoeps mk21 + mk4 + mk8 +++
as well as sony bit mapper and apogee ad1000 and apogee mini me
and many many other gear i have the actual masters to if you'de like to hear them or see them look around or "ask somebody" my work is out there.

as well as many of my good buds work that is the actual masters not remixed crap said to be 24/48 master files from a 1990 show that we know is not the case.

now again clinton has done all he can do with this if you want an mkv or something else of it ask nicely im sure he will supply but to call him out and talk smack is just wrong.
he's done what he could with what he was given from the actual taper.

not via youtube rips and shit clips so cut the guy a break and have a great day and take your masters and bullshit and toss it in the back and call it a day.

thanks for your time and space

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