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Re: Phish 2-17-90 video

tell whoever made you the flv to give you the actual video masters not an captured .flv that was captured wrongly from a 4:3 source captured in 16:9 and 30fps is also wrong it should be 29.97fps as it is mpeg2 and from an old source most likely VHS or BETA so tell the peeps you got it from to send you the tape so you can re capture and work it correctly for " archiving" correctly.

As the .flv wasn't even around in 1990... nevermind a popular format until ugh few years ago
and is mainly for streaming not setop players.

enjoy and good luck with that if you'de like a vhs of it i have one
but ide guess its at least 2nd or 3rd gen from the master... thus why i figured to wait
and see if the actual masters ever surfaced first.

i've got a bunch of older shows on vhs that need to be done
but atm im not doing them im doing all my DAT masters got about 40 more to go and im calling it a day.. year...month...whatever far too many dat masters.

also if you or anyone you know would like to do some TAB/trey master dats to hdd i have about 50 shows/DAT masters fob's mostly i won't be touching sooo if anyone wants to i can ship them to you for transfering just pay me for the shipping and price of blanks 1.00 -2.00 a tape and you can keep the masters and all. as i am done with them and will never transfer.

thanks an have a good day

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