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Re: Phish 2-17-90 video

Originally Posted by Marmar View Post
Hi folks....

As you may know, a video for the Phish 2-17-90 show has surfaced....I've got the "master" video which is a 30fps .flv file. It also has a weird resolution because it is a 4:3 embedded in a 16:9 format.

I have the real audio masters from cassette that I obtained back in 2003....

Anyone know how to make this flv into the 2 elementary streams that are dvd compliant so I can put the SBD audio to the video, and make the DVD.....?

So far I've had no luck getting the resulting elementary video stream to a useable keeps telling me it is 30fps, and I can't figure out for the life of me how to correct this.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated so I can author and seed this thing here with 2ch SBD and 5.1DTS audio tracks.

Hey Marmar. This thread confuses me a bit. The "master file" is not .flv. The master file was an h.264 MOV file. Seems like an .flv would have some from a YouTube rip. The video that Dave uploaded to YouTube was (from memory) a 1.6gb MOV. If you pull the highest available file from YouTube it's a little over 700MB (from memory). So that has obviously been encoded by YouTube. You could have asked me about this. Have you made any strides? I am about to see the DVDR.
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