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Re: Splitting 16/48 tracks?

As an example of it working properly for me, the six show run of Heart shows I saw 1 year ago (today is anniversary of one of them) were recorded at 24/96. I uploaded 24/96 master clone versions here of all 6, all split on "perfect seconds" in Wavelab. I used these files as the basis of my remastered versions that were EQ'd, then downsampled and dithered to 16/44.1. The finished files had no SBE's or any other errors of note.

I remember that I did some experimentation, mastering from the full wav files as well as from the split wav files. The end result was the same. Maybe the program that you used to split files isn't as accurate as Wavelab? I don't know. I can report, though, that I've never had a SBE from splitting on a second - it takes some extreme zooming in to find the no-fraction zone...

Just about everything I've done for the last couple years is put in the computer as 24/96, and split "to-the-second" and it's always correct. I split and master with Wavelab in 24/96, then use Sox resampler via Foobar to downsample my files, and iZotope RX advanced to dither. The 16/44.1 files that come out the other end have no errors. maybe I'm lucky? No. If it's done right, it works...
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