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Re: Splitting 16/48 tracks?

Originally Posted by jfaninord View Post
I just use CD Wave to split tracks regardless of sample rate. All the usual sample rates (except 32kHz) can be divided evenly by 75 so I just split everything at the nearest 1/75 second to where I want.

When working with high resolution audio I usually make a 16bit/44.1kHz copy too, so I make that copy before splitting tracks, open either copy in CD Wave to set the track marks, save a cue sheet, and apply that cue sheet to all versions. It's not much extra work for me. In theory you can probably just make the high resolution copy and later convert each track to 16bit/44.1kHz for CD without any trouble. If the tool you're using does not alter the duration and handles the very beginning and end of the file nicely -- I've never bothered to look into it.
I've tried converting a 16/48 show that I downloaded, and it didn't work out the way I expected. The tracks were split at the same times as an SBE-free 44.1 version, but after downsampling the 48kHz version to 44.1 the tracks were not split on sector boundaries. Perhaps if I'd used a different CPU and/or software it might have been, I don't know. If the converted file has just one extra/less sample (per channel) than a multiple of 2352 byte sectors that would be 1/44100 = 0.00002268 second too long or short, not easily detectable and probably not at all unlikely in a sample rate conversion. (When I mentioned "exact second" in my previous post shntool len was only displaying the length to 3 decimal points)

If anyone has converted a 48kHz show to 44.1kHz and found it to be SBE-free, I'd appreciate a link to the torrent.
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