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Re: How do you upload?

Originally Posted by clarksblues View Post
The steps I take are:

I download a show from TTD to My Documents which I convert by seeding with uTorrent then I Convert the Flac file with FLAC Frontend to a CD.
Then I try to Upload.
THe bit in Bold is irrelevant to the process.

You have a torrent file on your PC somewhere, uTorrent has used the info in this torrent file to download the show to your PC.

Armed with a torrent file and the downloaded show, you either should;

- Leave the torrent open and running in uTorrent after you've downloaded it


- Open the torrent file in uTorrent (assuming you haven't moved or altered the show files - the FLACs etc.)

Please clarify what you mean by 'try to upload' in the above - what are you actually trying?
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