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Re: Splitting 16/48 tracks?

Originally Posted by weedwacker View Post
Samplerate has nothing to do with S.B.E.'s except when converting from one samplerate to another. S.B.E.'s are dependent on the register sizes of the processor processing the audio. It has to do with binary numbers if the procesor register size required is 16 bit based on the bit depth then the audio has to be able to be split into a sample size that is an equal amount of 16 bit samples. If it isn't you get an S.B.E., same goes with 8, 24 or 32 bit. Changing samplerates in simplest terms changes the file size or sample size so a split that was correct when done at one samplerate will not be an even split at another even if the bit depth hasn't changed simply because you add or remove samples from the conversion process. If you change bit depths like from 24 to 16 bit you'll have the same problem. Almost no programs I know of take into account 24 bit sample sizes except for cdwave editor. It is the only program I know of that when it does the splits, it uses a sample size that is a multiple of 16 and 24 so you won't get an S.B.E. regardless of the bit depth used. It is useful for large audio files in that even if you make a cue sheet you can reuse it for all bit depths and sample rates supported, you just need to leave a little bit of silence at the end and lob it off for the final track split.
I've been experimenting with splitting 48kHz wav files at exact seconds, and I'm finding that after downsampling to 44.1 shntool's len function shows SBEs even though it shows the length as an exact second. Much of Weedwacker's post goes over my head, but I think the gist of it is that sample rate conversions will alter the data to the point that it's not possible to split 48kHz files such that a downsample will be on a sector boundary for everyone.

So, unless someone can give good reason otherwise, it seems that the answer to my original question is that it really doesn't matter where 48kHz files are split. Anyone listening to them at 48 won't care, and anyone downsampling to burn to CDR will have to fix them anyway.

Thanks again to all who have replied.
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