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Re: Splitting 16/48 tracks?

my advice for DAT tapes or any digital media:

always do "unedited" digital 1:1 clones on harddisc and save them like that (unedited) multiple times (on data dvdr, harddiscs etc.). this way you're always goin to have the chance in the future to re-do the original recording of you. like DVD-Audio, CDR, whatever.

as for myself i prefer to create 16bit/44.1khz FLACs wthout SBEs from any audio recording in any bitrate i'm doing....for verifying the show and listening pleasure on CDR or mobile audio devices.
as for DAT 16/48 and downconverting to 16/44.1khz highest ears fail to hear a difference (and my ears are still good!!).
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