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Re: Splitting 16/48 tracks?

Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
SBEs won't be an issue. They only matter if you're doing 16/44.1. If you aren't doing redbook standard, lots of software will give you an error if you try to do anything regarding SBEs.

Most audio players will handle 16/48. foobar does no problem, all the way to 24/96. Maybe higher, but I haven't done any higher. If you've already spread those shows in 16/44.1, I wouldn't bother to do so in 16/48. The difference is negligible, most likely not noticeable at all.
Thanks. I was concerned that folks were burning to a format (HD-CD, etc) that I'm not familiar with, and wanted to know what the general consensus is on track breaks. I'll take your advice and not bother with most shows, but I do have one in particular, a Little Feat soundboard from 6-26-2001 where the band's tape deck didn't record (I sent my tape to Chris so he could copy it) that might be worth the effort. I originally upped it to usenet in 16/44.1 format, and it doesn't seem to circulate, may be worth the effort. We'll see.

Thanks again for the advice.
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