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Re: Splitting 16/48 tracks?

Originally Posted by co9ol View Post
Audacity can do it (here's a good guide, make sure to read the "Extra notes about burning to CDs" section)

Although CD's don't support 48khz, I'm pretty sure you could still use it.
I think most people listen to them through their computer so SBE's probably wouldn't make much difference, but I feel like its still a good idea.
Thanks for the info, and yes I agree Audacity is an excellent open source editor. I'm mainly concerned if there is a sector boundary-type issue with 16/48 like there is with audio CD. In the past I'd always recorded shows to DAT @48kHz, and then downsampled to 44.1 to share. Now that 16/48 flacs are becoming more widely used, I'm thinking of going back to my DATs and upping some in 48kHz. The only thing I need help with is where to split the tracks, or if it even matters. I personally don't yet have the equipment to play back 48kHz files properly, so I really don't know how to proceed, and I'm not having any luck Googling it.

Maybe I'll just PM someone who's seeded a 16/48 show and ask them, and then post here in case it will help someone else.
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