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Re: DL/UL Stats Not Updating

Hi Mike, good to hear that your ratio issue and you being firewalled are solved.

FYI, DHT (Distributed Hash Table) is an addition to most bittorrent clients that allows them to work without a tracker. This means that the client will be able to find peers even when the tracker is down or doesn't exist anymore. It allows the swarm to continue without a tracker (this means that ratios aren't updated). Torrent files are typically published and registered with at least one tracker. The tracker maintains lists of all clients currently participating in the torrent. In a trackerless system (decentralized tracking) like DHT every peer acts as a tracker. This is why we ask our members when creating a torrent file to set the Private flag to disable DHT. Doing so will tell clients to restrict the use of decentralized tracking. The purpose of the flag is to prevent torrents from being shared with clients that do not have access to the tracker. And while you are at it, also make sure to disable the options: local peer discovery and peer exchange as well.
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