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Re: DL/UL Stats Not Updating

What torrent program do you use? I've used uTorrent for a while now, and I stumbled onto something that might help... let me explain my story.

I pay little attention to my ratio, since I don't think I've stopped seeding anything for a couple years now (haha) and I'm all good everywhere I go. Recently, though, I noticed that my isp (Telus) switched my service a bit, and in doing so, they changed my ip address. In uTorrent, under options > preferences > bittorrent, there is a box where you can enter the ip address to report to tracker. IT still showed my old ip address. I changed it to what my current ip address is, and, voila, my stats seem to be moving again. I didn't necessarily notice them stop, but then again, after 1tb upload, I really stopped caring what my ratio was....

Perhaps you need to reset what your torrent program is reporting to the tracker like it seems I had to do.

Anyone know more about this?
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