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Re: No attachment on upload

And did you go check the list of common causes?

If you get a torrent upload error ("Upload of file failed" or being returned to this page), here are a couple things to look for:
- your announce url may be incorrect. Open the torrent in a text editor and make sure the announce url above is listed near the top of the torrent file. There should be a number "56" in front of the announce url. Also, make sure it isn't truncated - it should not have any "..." in the middle of it!
- the file size is too big. Some torrent making applications make HUGE torrent files. Try using Azureus or uTorrent to make the torrent file.
- the torrent is already on the tracker. The tracker looks at the torrent hash. To get by this, change your text file slightly and make a new torrent. Also, give the torrent file a slightly different name.
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