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Re: Firewalled and Stymied

Originally Posted by Ghostwheel View Post

personally, i'm not willing to pay the money. people still seem to able to download from me as i've uploaded several things since this happened. it takes a little time to start on occasion but, once someone gets through to me, my upload speed is the same as always. and, i have no problem downloading.
I am quite familiar with that advertisement, and although in the past I've dismissed such services out of hand, I am so bewildered by my current inability to shed my firewall issue(s) that I would purchase it without hesitation if I really thought it could get me back in business.

The problem with that pfconfig s/w is that they are only promising to ensure the forwarding of ports, whereas I am increasingly convinced that my ports are indeed forwarding, but that a firewall is causing the "blockage." In other words, I can easily see them saying, "well, your port forwarding is now properly configured in both your router and your BT client, but there is a firewall configuration issue that we can not support."

I apologize for having to ask for help. I probably sound like a whiner. I just don't know what else to do. I've been able to forward my ports for about 7 yrs. and suddenly I'm like a noob.
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