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ratio going nowhere

ok this is my first post other than some thanks here and there , so go easy on me. my ratio has been a pathetic .22 for a few months now. it was never all that great but its staying at .22 with no variation weather i've been downloading stuff lately or not. also it says i've only uploaded 41.44 gigs ,and i know i've shared more than that i've been a member for a few years. so after reading up on all this i end up on the "hall of shame" thread for megaleachers. i dont wanna end up there but i know i've uploaded more than 41 gigs this whole time, theres almost ,if not, that on my utorrent tracker now. after poking through the forum i know now that im not doing a good thing by having a ton of torrents seeding.also i et stuff from btetree and the ratio shown on the utorrent screen always shows more uploaded than downloaded. as far as having a ton of seeds im kinda conflicted because i've been the guy downloading .02kb/sec hoping the seed doesn't leave me stranded. so my questions are should i remove shows from my tracker as they reach a certain ratio?, why is the total gigs uploaded so low, i'm positive i've uploaded more than that over the years, and is there anything else i can do to get my ratio right
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