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Re: Problems with uTorrent (3.1)???

Originally Posted by Audioarchivist View Post
Hey now!

Have any of you experienced any problems with the most recent versions of uTorrent? Apparently there's a few bugs in the newer versions of it. Another site I'm on has banned the use of newer versions for now.

Any ideas? Any problems here? Wondering if we should do the same?
Yes, I had issues with the last two releases. I then thought I deleted the updates, but instead deleted the entire program.

I re-downloaded it and installed it, it seems to be working fine now.

The issues I had were speed. The download speed would slow to a crawl, like 20 kbps. I would close utorrent and open it again and the speed would pick up again and then slow down again. At other times I had a difficult time re-opening the program after closing it.

The new one seems to be OK

I don't know if I got the latest version or not. If you google, you can find older versions of it.
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