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Re: *RELIABLE* external hard drives NEEDED

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I have a few external hds connected to my home pc. If I remember correctly, the linux disc utility reports that the only one that is 100% is the Maxtor, which coincidentally is the oldest. I'll double check this when I get home. (the others are a mixture of WD and Seagate). The Maxtor is a 500GB, the others are a mixture of 1 and 2 TB drives. Dunno if the increased capacity makes them less reliable, if the linux disc utility is reporting bullshit, or if there are any other effects in play. Thinking about it, the Maxtor is probably used the least - it has my video files and a few other bits and bobs on it, but I listen to music on my PC much more than I watch videos. I have a 2TB WD Elements drive that is not used for reading files from, only for backing up (some of) the other drives and that one is not 100%. So...

I'll double-check this, and confirm in a day or two.

Btw, all of the discs are greater than 90% full.
I was wrong, the only one reported as being 100% is a WD 1TB. I have a WD 2TB that reportedly has a few dodgy sectors, the Maxtor has a few dodgy sectors and so does the Seagate, so...

re germain's answer above - btw - I found a suitable power supply in the UK at Maplins - it has adjustable output voltage and a range of interchangeable plugs that match to any of the drives I have. Obviously, you have to set the correct voltage and choose the correct adaptor plug to suit, otherwise you do risk causing further damage (if it was only a p/s failure that rendered the hard drive u/s). Try an electronics store for suitable replacement wall warts, is Radio Shack/Tandy still going?
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