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Re: Uploading videos with unknown dates/setlists...

Originally Posted by 89gtsleeper View Post
I recently remembered that my dad has an entire cabinet full of 1st gen beta tapes of concerts aired in the 80s. These have all been kept in their house, not in a garage or attic, and are in air-tight cases. He hasn't even really played them since they were recorded. My thought is that they should all be in relatively good shape. I have never uploaded anything on here, so I have a few questions.

1) These tapes are unlabeled other than artist, any maybe a year on some of them. Other than whatever information is made available during the broadcasts, I'll have no information as far as confirmed set lists, performance date, original air date, etc. Is it a problem if I upload them, only to find out they are already posted on here?

2) If I post a video, and later people in this community are able to better identify specific information about the videos, can I modify the info file without having to delete the original post and start over?

3) Any tips on getting beta tapes converted to digital format?
1) I wouldn't worry about not having a (complete) setlist too much. The key here is to identify the name of the show and artist you dad recorded and work from there. Like Aaron said is a good place to start your research. If you have to name of the show/artist a simple google search of those two can work miracles (sometimes).

2)NO! Once you have posted (uploaded) your torrent of a show, you can't change anything to your torrent file anymore.

3) Referring to Aaron's post. And here in the Technobabble section you can also find a lot of info about video transferral.

I guess that asking your dad if he can remember some more information about these recordings, like the name of the programs, years etc could help as well. Good luck!
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