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Re: Video Seeding Guidelines

Originally Posted by mxz440fan
Theres not much discussion left. He's got his view of what a community (isn't) and I've got my definition of what a community (is). I know I'm not changing his mind and he's not changing his
Once again. What I'm trying to say is that there are different environments where communities can function at with different dynamics. We have SEVERAL communities here at TTD. They don't necessarily fully interact with each other. The same existed at STG. My argument is that you feel somehow that BANDS feel it necessary that there must be a community (who's role isn't defined or understood) to support DVD trading, and I still don't see evidence to support this generalization.

And the funny thing is that I DO feel that community is important to music trading, and this site, but that's NOT what we're discussing.

Let's let it go for now... K ?
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