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Re: Question on altering tracks

Question: I used iTunes to extract the audio files from the cd (in ALAC), then imported the ALAC files into Audacity to fix all the incorrect track number/breaks, then I exported from Audacity as AIFF (uncompressed) files. I was hoping to use these first two shows as my first opportunity to seed a new torrent here on Trader's Den. However, after reading some of the torrent seeding rules (learning as I go), it appears that by using iTunes (10.5.2, 64-bit) to extract the audio files (the first step in a LONG process), I may have rendered my file 'un-seedable' here. Is this correct?

Also, is using iTunes to extract audio cds a bad idea for some reason? I am doing a lot of extracting right now to ALAC and have been very happy with the results. I do have XLD & could use that, but I like iTunes - quick & intuitive.

I really hope I can seed these two shows here... have been looking forward to giving back some to this community & these two shows are spectacular.

PS Thanks to all of you for the help here. I used AAR.owner's instructions and was able to re-track the first two shows nicely.
PPS That said, I am confused by 4-6. Why do I need to "cut on sector boundries"?
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