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Re: Question on altering tracks

Originally Posted by Radarlv View Post
Now for the question: how do I fix the problem and remove all the errant track breaks and insert proper track breaks and get everything tidy and tagged right and "perfect"? I have the music both on cds and stored digitally on an external hard drive playing through a Mac Mini. Program recommendations and procedural recommendations are appreciated.
You mention that you have these tracks on an external hard drive. What format are they in? FLAC, SHN, WAV? If the compression is lossless then you should use these files to re-create correctly tracked versions. If the files are in MP3, OGG or a lossy compression then you'll need to re-rip the tracks from your CDs. (I recommend using Exact Audio Copy aka EAC -

As rspencer mentioned, you will need to combine all the songs into 1 track. Simply load any audio editor and import all the tracks. Then make sure you save the new track into the following format: WAV / 16 bit - 44.1Khz. This will ensure that the audio is CD quality and identical to the original files.

Once you have 1 long track, I would recommend using a program called CD Wave ( ) to split the audio into separate tracks. CD Wave has an intuitive interface so it will be easier to use than an audio editor. CD Wave also separate files on the 'sector boundary'. If files aren't separated correctly, there will be a tiny 'click' heard at the beginning/end of a track.
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