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Question on altering tracks

I have some music that was recorded off fm onto cassettes many years ago. About 10 or 15 years ago I got a Marantz player/recorder & digitized some of this music. The player had two options for putting in the breaks that signify tracks... either an automatic setting (where it would put track breaks anytime there was a certain amount of silence) or manual setting (where I had to push a button during the recording process at the exact right time to insert a track break). Needless to say, I tried both & neither one worked well, resulting in a bunch of good sounding digital music with either too many track breaks (due to silent bits) or too few track breaks (due to my own inattentiveness).

Now for the question: how do I fix the problem and remove all the errant track breaks and insert proper track breaks and get everything tidy and tagged right and "perfect"? I have the music both on cds and stored digitally on an external hard drive playing through a Mac Mini. Program recommendations and procedural recommendations are appreciated. If I can get this figured out, next I will try to figure out how to offer this stuff up here (some Bruce Cockburn, Peter Rowan, Doc Watson, Pure Prairie League, Moby Grape, Little Feat, etc.)

Thanks for the help!
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