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Re: ImgBurn - Dual Layer Burning

Originally Posted by johnlennon696 View Post
I have burned a Dual Layer files onto a DVD, it verified and completed successfully, but it did have two 'warning type signs' in the log file:

Anyone know what this means?
A Dual Layer DVD has two 4.7GB layers.
The inner groove contains the Media Identification Code (MID). The MID contains pre-recorded information as to who manufactured the disc, the byte capacity and permitted burning speeds.
(dependent on both the recorder, or burner, as well as what the disc can handle).

Your dvd burner also contains information in its BIOS.
Basically, the bios info contains instruction on how to deal with different types of recordable media - how to read/write.

In your situation, there is/was a discrepancy between the recorders bios instruction and the MID info embedded on the dvd disc.
The bios in the burner was coded to expect the Dual Layer 'break' to occur at a certain point.. when the MID code on the disc said.. 'no, my dual layer break occurs at X'.
Fortunately, your burner is adaptable - it adjusted/calibrated to the MID code of the disc and the burn was successful.
Either ignore the error or update your burner to the latest bios.
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