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Re: zappateers

lots of sites having trouble these days..

front page from *somewhere*

I know some of you are bummed by the KS message below. It’s true in terms of the facts.
  • Site is unmaintained to the point where it’s actually getting no fun to use
  • Several features are missing or malfunctioning
  • One of the bugs prevents us from editing SOME of the accounts, thus not allowing us to ban trespassers. It is true for 2 accounts only, though – at least so far.

However, truth be told, nothing of the above is new. The site’s been mostly unsupported by sysop for years now. The log checker etc. has been missing for a long time. Accounts – that’s a new one, but come on, there always are some rotten fruits – it’s not like we always banned all bad accounts, as we simply are un aware of the most of them anyway...The site’s security has not decreased significantly.

KS intention was to send message to the sysop – obviously, a failed attempt, as the sysop does not download stuff and will not notice that.

The site is created by two sides: staff and members. Staff as a whole is obviously failing its duties, that’s true. I’m not blaming anyone or picking at particular members, merely stating the fact.

Does this mean we, as members, are to abandon the site now and cease activity? Achieving what? If the site is to continue, it falls on us, uploaders and users to make it active, despite its flaws.

As a staff team we are strongly determined to change the current situation – please show us that you still care and that you still want and need the site and we have something to care for.
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