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Re: Interlaced or progressive scan when creating a dvd?

Originally Posted by AndyLGR View Post
Thanks it shows it as interlaced. So therefore is it common practice to leave it as interlaced or to deinterlace the footage.
My advice would be leave it at is, but the choice is yours.

FYI. Interlacing is used by analogue broadcast television systems. Interlacing is in fact a clever way to compress a movie when one cannot use digital compression methods. Interlacing reduces the bandwidth (storage space) by half, without losing vertical resolution in quiet areas. It's a way to cut bandwidth without sacrificing much quality. Progressive scan (or non-interlaced) is used for most CRT and all LCD computer monitors, and most HDTVs. Now deinterlacing is the process of converting interlaced video (analog television signals or 1080i format HDTV signals) into a non-interlaced form. When a broadcast or media is interlaced, real-time deinterlacing should be performed by embedded circuitry in a set-top box, television, external video processor, DVD or DVR player, or TV tuner card. Since consumer electronics equipment is typically far cheaper, has considerably less processing power and uses simpler algorithms compared to professional deinterlacing equipment, the quality of deinterlacing may vary broadly. Using a computer for playback and/or processing potentially allows a broader choice of video players and/or editing software not limited to the quality offered by the embedded consumer electronics device, so at least theoretically higher deinterlacing quality is possible. However, the quality of both free and commercial consumer-grade software may not be up to the level of professional software and equipment. Also, many users are not trained in video production. This often causes poor results as many people do not know much about deinterlacing and are unaware that the frame rate is half the field rate. Bear in mind that many codecs/players do not even deinterlace by themselves but rely on the graphics card and video acceleration API to do the deinterlacing.
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