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Angry Re: Tapetrader down?

Originally Posted by tgunn2760 View Post
I'd rather he charged a small fee per year. Can't rely on donations.

$5 a year would cover most of his expenses if 500 people signed up.
I take it this is a dead issue?

This really sucks. I have been really busy moving and have not had time to do anything with my collection. All my data was on there. If there is somebody that can retreive/fix thing I can't beleive they can't be motivated by money? I have a PayPal and would pay to get all my data back! And I would gladly pay a yearly fee in the future.

Like some one else said this is most likely the end of my trading days. I'm not going back and entering infomation for all my shows. I have shows the only place I had complete data was on TapeTrader. I'm so screwed!!! I thought the days of things like this were behind us with all the back-up systems. I have a friend that does data recovery for a living. It does not seem like there was a real effort to reach out??? I may be wrong....
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