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Re: Bad Data From Tracker -

i also was suddenly not able to download any material (either off this board, or from DimeADozen) due to the Bad Data From Tracker error. i have used bittorrent for years with no problems. Have used Shad0w's Experimental Client S-5.8.7 from day one with absolutely no problems until this sudden and recent situation.

The torrent i was trying to download from this board that i was having problems with was:

i know they did something with the Dime tracker (something about a private=1 flag - i have no idea). Erwe said he had fixed things so that it should work with the S-5.8.7 client, but it would not for me.

i upgraded to BitTornado T-0.3.12 and things seem to be working fine now--both here and at Dime.

So anyway, that's just like my experience. Man.

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