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Re: What's with HD Torrents?..

Originally Posted by LARGESS View Post
... It seems VLC sucks ...
That's true, VLC sucks big time. VLC has been giving me a lot of problems as well, that is from version 0.9.8 onwards (it started to act weird, showing wrong aspect ratio's, not opening files it normally did etc). If you really, really want to use VLC, try to downgrade it to a version that works on your system set up, like I did myself, I use version 0.9.8 on my PC. If you are on a PC as well you should try BSPlayer, KMPlayer or Media Player Classic - Home Cinema? These are all nice players I use at the moment and all much better than VLC IMO.

All these media players are nice when you want to watch these files on your PC, but when you want to watch these on your tv or flatscreen again I would opt for a mediastreamer. It will also save you the hassle of authoring these files (TS, MKV) and then burning them to a disc. So eventually using a streamer will save you time and money, no more coasters, no media discs to store etc. (burning half a dozen of coasters and you almost paid for a streamer)
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