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Re: What's with HD Torrents?..

Originally Posted by jabulon View Post
Did you check if your blu-ray player is capable of AVCHD playback and also make sure you have the proper codecs installed. What software was supplied with your DVD/BD player/burner? Are these problems only occuring with the 'smaller' (low bit/frame rate) ts-files or also with big (high bit/frame rate) files?

But like Schmoe said, I would opt for the streaming solution as well. I really believe that's the future and the way to go, nowadays those streamers will play almost anything you throw at it (TS, MKV, M2T, AVCHD, MP4 etc).
yes,my blu-ray plays avchd files just fine.unfortunately,very few uploaders use that method.if someone uploads one of those I have never failed burning it to dvd.Its when I take a raw 1080i .ts file and try to build it into avchd/blu-ray so its viewable on my tv that it fails to transcode.Does streaming do a better job than VLC Media Player? Cause more torrents than not don't play properly,I mean totally unwatchable..It seems VLC sucks or the uploaders have faulty uploads.I wish someone who has had the same problem could give input.
Thanks anyway Jabulon , Largess
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