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Re: What's with HD Torrents?..

I tried the streaming thing with netflix and the blu-ray player with the added extra expensive device you have to buy netflix does'nt tell you about but it froze up my computer and I returned the device but kept the blu-ray.
I have been using imgburn which is great for avchd/blu-ray files that are uploaded but a 1080i .ts file never burns straight to disc through imgburn without building it into a dvd first.Since most 1080i files you download won't transcode with avchd software because of limitations in the software and the compatability with the upload I can't build a file that can then be burned to disc with imgburn.A 1080i .ts file needs to be built into an avchd/blu-ray or made into vob type files or it won't be viewable on tv.I tried it a few times burning the raw 1080i .ts file straight to dvd but after it finalizes you get nothing when you push play.All you get is a cheap menu..I'm still stuck..The streaming thing was interesting yet more uploads than not won't play on vlc to where you can watch them.Makes you wonder how you could stream them then.Really screwed up.Out of like 25 1080i .ts downloads only like 2 shows could be transcoded and eventually burned in a lossless way.Really sucks.

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