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What's with HD Torrents?..

I have a nagging question that has pained me a good while.Hopefully someone here has a good answer for it.I have been trying to burn HD .ts files usually 1080i with stuff like multiavchd and over 90% of the torrents won't transcode when trying to burn them lossless,hence they won't work.Usually,it won't have audio or the picture comes out screwed up.Alot of times the thing won't play on vlc media player and thats an indicator there'll be trouble.Do people have trouble uploading these correctly? I have tried a few other softwares but they seem to be unable to have a codec to make me hear it even though you can hear it on vlc.I don't want to resort to lossy software like 'convert x to dvd 3' which does a great job at making even unwatchable files quite good looking but that compresses it greatly which sucks if you want to watch on a bigscreen tv.
Well,hope someone can help.Noone in the past I've asked seems to know anything.They seem to just watch them on their computer awhile then delete them.
Thanks , Largess

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