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Re: Video Seeding Guidelines

Originally Posted by mxz440fan
Its not their community. They don't care about community, which is why they're trying to destroy it.
Unfortunately, unchecked, bands will start banning dvd trading/seeding because the community is gone. People would rather just click once and get something then to actually have to interact, and EZT takes advantage of that...which bites us seeders in the ass, because it does promote leaching.
I just don't happen to agree. It's not a big deal that I don't agree, I just feel differently. I don't think that constant interaction is necessary for people to participate in a community. They can contribute by reading discussion about torrents they're downloading or thinking of downloading. They can seed something without getting into a big discussion. I'm seeding 5 or 6 torrents at EZT almost constantly, but don't get involved too much in thread comments, I'm just trying to keep a respectable share ratio.

I think you might be over reacting to the EZT shortcomings (of which there are many), when you compare what is being attempted here. And this concept that "leeching" is somehow hurtful is another misconception in the BT community. I'll state this again. Bram Cohen did not design Bit Torrent to be a self sustaining distribution medium. He intended it to be a short term yet effective means of distributing stuff to a group (small or large) over a short period of time. "Leeching" in BT terms is the same as "Peering", which means that EVERYONE who's downloading is leeching from the swarm. As far as "People would rather just click once and get something then to actually have to interact", well count me in. I OFTEN just click and download without getting into a discussion about the torrent. It's the MUSIC that I want to hear, not necessarily the BS, tho I do try to post a thank you more often than not. I'll also point out flaws and lineage mistakes if I catch them, in the interests of attempting to keep the trading pool a bit cleaner. I think that puts me squarely IN the community, yet I keep a fairly low profile at EZT.

I don't understand your unfounded fear about "bands will ban dvd trading/seeding if the community is gone". Bands don't care about community. They care about making music, making money, protecting their intellectual property and (hopefully) care about their fans being treated fairly (all of these not in any particular order). There are even bands who don't subscribe to all these tenents who would ban stuff IF they found out it was being distributed....

How does any of this relate to the EZT community ??? I'm sorry man.. nothing personal, but I just don't see your point. Nothing much has changed at EZT beyond the exponential growth. Lousy QC ratio + unchecked growth = poor average of outstanding material. That's all.

/EOR... have a great nite !
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