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Re: Converting SHN to FLAC?

Originally Posted by delfman View Post
i think the most preferred method is to convert them to flac and to tag them but there is a set way to do this. you can't just convert shn>flac
first you create a st5 of the shn files
then convert the shn's to wav
then the wavs to flac
then create a ffp of the new flacs.
make sure the new ffp's are identical to the st5 of the shn's
then you can delete the shn's and wav's but keep the st5 to seed with the new flacs so everyone knows that the new flacs are identical to the original shn's
hope I didn't confuse you.
no confusion here. I forgot to mention that I realize that I should also keep the original info file as well so that way the steps I took will be obvious when all is said and done.
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